Municipalities and regions

Attracting and recruiting new employees to our elderly sector, is a challenge not to be neglected.

Personal development of each individual and each team in the sector, is important as well.

We offer concepts which will lift the status, for the many people working with elderly care. Concepts, which will result in stable employment agreements with stable and capable employees.

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We work actively with unemployed people who have been so fortunate, to reach an age of 50+.

If you work in public employment service or a union, then you probably recognize these challenges. You can read more here. 

Welfare technology

Which solutions are on the market, what can these solution offer? Are they in conformity with current GDPR rules when it comes to security and data interchange? How do they communicate – and do they take integrity and privacy issues into consideration in a proper manner?

Where are they produced and what is the all over price?

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